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1 day ago8 Best Bitcoin exchange worldwide with detailed features 2022.
The article lists 8 Best Bitcoin exchanges worldwide on the basis of their primary purpose i.e. End-User Service.
According to the different purposes, there are three kinds of Bitcoin exchanges worldwide.
Types of Bitcoin exchange.
As I said above no two Bitcoin exchanges are alike.
They differ according to their primary purpose, features, and services offered.
I have categorized Cryptocurrency Exchange into four parts.
1. Crypto 2 Crypto trading platforms –
These are the more traditional type of Bitcoin exchange (cryptocurrency exchanges) "similar to the stock exchange" where you trade altcoins at an open market price.
These types of exchanges charge a tiny amount of fee for a transaction.
This type of exchange only allows you to trade cryptocurrency against another cryptocurrency with hundreds of trading pairs.
They provide a trading interface with advanced trading tools like different types of coin price movement charts, margin trading, trading options, trading futures, etc.
They usually do not accept Fiat currency to buy, crypto sell and trade cryptocurrencies.
Best altcoin trading platform (Crypto 2 Crypto)
2. Bitcoin Brokers.
Cryptocurrency Broker is kind of similar to Crypto 2 Crypto trading Exchange.
But they allow you to buy cryptocurrencies at a slightly expensive price compared to the original market price of the cryptocurrency.
They usually accept Fiat currencies like USD, Euro, AUD, and INR and allow users to trade cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
Brokers work as the third-party service which adds their premium to the original market price of the cryptocurrency.
These exchanges work like wholesalers which buy the product at wholesale price and sell at their own price tag.
They also provide a basic trading platform for Bitcoin trading.
Best Bitcoin Exchange (Brokers) worldwide 2022.
3. P2P exchange (Peer to Peer exchange)
This type of Bitcoin exchange act as a middleman between the buyer and the seller and let them trade at whatever price they want.
Local Bitcoins is the Best Bitcoin exchange worldwide in the P2P exchange category.
The best part of P2P Bitcoin exchange is that you can buy and sell Bitcoin using any payment method from any part of the world with your own native fiat currency.
To counter the risk associated with the P2P transaction.
P2P Bitcoin exchange uses escrow service which holds the Bitcoin till the confirmation of payment by both parties.
First, the buyer makes the payment and then confirms the payment execution at his/her end.
The seller releases the cryptocurrency after confirming receiving of the payment.
The exchange charge a tiny amount of escrow fee from both parties.
Exchanges also use a reputation system to categorize reliable and trustworthy sellers and buyers.
Best Bitcoin exchange (P2P) worldwide.
4. Instant cryptocurrency exchange.
An instant cryptocurrency exchange allows users to buy, and sell cryptocurrency with Fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies.
You can deposit any cryptocurrency and can receive payment in another cryptocurrency in a matter of seconds or a few minutes.
They use third-party services to buy and buy bitcoin sell cryptocurrency with Fiat currency like Changelly Instant cryptocurrency exchange uses Indacoin exchange to process their Fiat to crypto transactions.
Best Bitcoin exchange – Instant cryptocurrency.
Accordingly, I have listed the Best Bitcoin exchanges worldwide (categorically) on the basis of their primary purpose.
Crypto to crypto trading platforms.
The exchange is China-born and founded by Changpeng Zhao (CEO) in the year (2017). Binance says that they are capable of processing 1,400,000 orders per second.
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Bitmex is the leading Bitcoin margin trading site and one of the best Bitcoin exchanges worldwide in the crypto 2 crypto exchange industry.
Coinbase exchange is one of the established, popular, and without a doubt one of the best Bitcoin exchanges available online. The exchange was founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in 2012 and is based in San Francisco, California.
Coin Mama is an Israel-based veteran cryptocurrency exchange founded in the year 2013. Coinmama offers very high liquidity. Western Union and cash is also accepted payment method. exchange is one of the established and popular Bitcoin brokers in the cryptocurrency exchange market. It is a company based in London and once was the cloud mining provider.
Changelly was established by the exact men who own MinerGate "a mining pool that will allow you to sign up for other miners across the globe". Changelly is based in Prague(Checkslovakia).
Local Bitcoins exchange is a Finland-based Bitcoin exchange founded in 2012. It is without a doubt world’s leading and best Bitcoin exchange.
Paxful is a peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace that allows you to quickly and easily buy and sell bitcoin. Paxful can be said to be the sister site of Local Bitcoins.
1. Binance.
Binance consistently ranks in the top 3 altcoin trading platforms according to daily trading volume.
Binance says that they are capable of processing 1,400,000 orders per second.
Binance uses two different trading methods. One is basic and another one is advanced.
Trading pairs are available with four cryptocurrencies i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum crypto , Binance coin , buy bitcoin and USDT.
Transactions are fast and instant. The basic trading interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The advanced trading interface may be a little bit tricky for newbies.
There are no depositing fees and withdrawal fee.
The trading fee is currently 0.1%, regardless of the coin, but it can be halved if paid with BNB (Binance coin, an altcoin backed by the platform itself).
Binance uses the Maker-Taker fee model where the Maker is the trader who opens the trade. The taker is the user who closed the trade.
Fiat currencies are not supported by the platform as it is a pure crypto 2 crypto trading platform.
Trading pairs are available with four cryptocurrencies i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin , and USDT.
Binance without a doubt one of the best Bitcoin exchanges worldwide in 2022.
Update – Binance has recently added a new service to buy altcoins with credit & debit cards via Simplex. However, Buying fee can vary from 5% to 10% on a day.
Has gained user trust and reputation in a short span of time. Founded by a team of highly experienced intellectuals in the Cryptocurrency market . Relatively low trading fee 0.1% Transactions are fast and instant.
The relatively higher fee to buy bitcoin with credit & debit card directly.
2. Bitmex –
BTC , BCH , Dash , Ethereum , Ethereum Classic , Litecoin , Zcash , Monero , Ripple , Tezos , with USD, Chinese Yuan, and Yen.
There are more than 100 crypto trading pairs available on the exchange.
Bitmex has very competitive fees.
There are no deposit fees or withdrawal fees.
In the case of Bitcoin withdrawal, minimal Bitcoin network fees are charged.
Security is one of the main priorities for the exchange.
To date, there have not been any security breaches and neither platform ever got hacked.
The platform interface is intuitive and easy to use but beginners will take some time to get accustomed.
As it is mainly an altcoin trading platform . Hence it offers high liquidity and user can trade with 1:300 leverage.
There is no match for Bitmex customer support in the cryptocurrency exchange industry.
Bitmex supports almost every country except the U.S.A.

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