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Major headlines of last weeks’ crypto market.
Last week the crypto Market experienced some of the most volatile price action in recent memory. On Monday the market collapsed with BTC dropping down to 18 and a half K in the 24 hours that followed what’s fascinating is that the stock market was trading sideways during this period. This suggests that the cause […]
Twitter in the cryptonews.
Another asset that could see some nice price appreciation in the coming months is Twitter Stock which has been in an uptrend ever since Tesla CEO Elon Musk started hinting that he was interested in buying the social media platform. He was planning on turning it into a free speech-focused platform with lots of crypto […]
Blackrock’s partnership with Coinbase.
For what it’s worth there is a silver lining to the tornado cash situation and that’s that the reaction from Ethereum’s infrastructure providers to prevent access to the protocol has made ETH much more appealing to institutional investors such as Blackrock that are obsessed with compliance aka control. This is why not everyone celebrated Blackrock’s […]
What Information Does Binance Provide to the IRS?
Have you used Binance or Binance.US to trade cryptocurrency? In this article, we’ll go through both company’s tax reporting procedures in detail. We’ll also show you how to quickly submit your Binance taxes. Is it true that I must pay taxes on my Binance transactions? The IRS classifies cryptocurrency as property. As a result, BNB your […]
Bitcoin Code – Is Bitcoin Code Software SCAM Or REAL?
Bitcoin Code Steve Mckay Is Bitcoin Code Software SCAM Or REAL? What is Bitcoin Code System About? Is Bitcoin Code Legit Or Scam? Find Out The New Truth in My Bitcoin Code Reviews Righ now Before Login To The Bitcoin Code Website The BitCoin Code 2018 By Steve Mckay is truly Real Bitcoin Trading APP which makes it easy to use […]
What Is Bitcoin? And How Does Bitcoin Work?
What Is Bitcoin? And How Does Bitcoin Work? What Is Bitcoin Trading? What Is Bitcoin Mining? What Is Bitcoin Worth Today? What Is Bitcoin Cash? And What Is Bitcoin Gold? All Answer is here. What Is Bitcoin Bitcoin is an electronic currency that enables you to buy online or at the performance of restaurants and shops […]
Why Do We Need More Than One Cryptocoin?
I wrote a bit about the differences between the various currencies here: However, I may not have spent enough time explaining the rationale behind why there is a need for multiple currencies. Here’s the thing; most of the cryptocurrencies have different characteristics that make them useful in different situations and for different purposes. At […]
Trading Bitcoins Like a Pro.
Trade Bitcoins like a Real Professional! Our financial expers at Option Now will show you the steps and teach you all the possible trading techniques that you need to get involved with Bitcoin binary options. Make money with Bitcoin now! Why To Start Trading Bitcoins? Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and Binance a new […]

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